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Started from the ground up, quite literally.


In 2019, Jeremy Drummond took a leap of faith. He brought all of his skills to one place and made Drummond Machinery a reality. Drummond Machinery’s mission is to bring the cleanest and best serviced heavy machinery to the used equipment market. With 25 years of personal hands on experience operating the most sophisticated heavy machinery in the world, Jeremy knows the difference between a piece of equipment that has been cleaned up for sale, and the real thing – reliable, dependable and capable machinery. Jeremy personally inspects each item before he purchases it from within his network across the country. Prior to being thoroughly tested on one his two Southern California ranches, the equipment is professionally inspected and serviced by the appropriate local dealership. Each piece of equipment Drummond Machinery offers for sale is recently serviced, inspected, and in pristine condition.


Jeremy knows equipment and he knows the right equipment to get the job done. He has pride in his work and knowledge, but he wouldn’t have got this far without a few important people. Jeremy is proud in acknowledging his mentors. His Father, Russell Drummond, taught Jeremy all about the construction industry with hard work ethics, pride in workmanship, accountability, morals, values, and so much more. Douglas Barnes taught Jeremy the craft of operating heavy machinery. Teaching him how to be productive and execute projects timely and effectively.


Being an avid outdoorsman, Jeremy has hunted big game all over the western United States. He is a Team Roper and a rancher. Jeremy and his wife Misty, also own and operate Drummond Livestock and Cattle Co., where they raise Black Angus cattle. Misty is his best friend and partner in everything, from heavy equipment to the ranching and the roping, she does it all.


Jeremy is one of the most skilled operators in Southern California. Leading him to be one of the best heavy equipment dealers in the region. You can put your trust into him and his equipment. Jeremy is always available to answer any questions you may have, help you find the perfect machine, and make sure you are prepared to get any job done.

Paving, Grading and Heavy Machinery Experience



Toro Enterprises- Oxnard, CA - Rough Grade Superintendent

Heavy Machinery Operated: Caterpillar dozer, Caterpillar excavator, Caterpillar motor grader, Caterpillar loader, Caterpillar scraper, Caterpillar backhoe, John Deere backhoe, John Deere skip loader.



Security Paving - Sylmar, CA - Finish Motor Grader Operator

Heavy Machinery Operated: Cat motor grader, Cat dozer, Cat scraper, Cat excavator, Cat loader and Cat backhoe.



Damar Construction - Ventura, CA - Working Foreman & Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Machinery Operated: Cat dozers, Cat motor graders, Cat scrapers, Cat excavator, Cat backhoes, Cat loader, John Deere backhoe and John Deere skip loader.



Granite Construction - Santa Barbara, CA - Working Foreman & Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Machinery Operated: Caterpillar motor graders, Caterpillar dozers, Caterpillar excavator, Caterpillar loader, John Deere backhoe, and John Deere skip loaders

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